I am originally from Northern Virginia. I am a total geek. I was home-schooled from grade 6, and started community college very young. I worked my way through community college by running a network consulting company. I graduated from community college when I was 16 and continued working as a consultant. Most notably I consulted and worked for Independence Air. I ran my business for about 4 years and sold off the companies assets. I was accepted to DePaul University in Chicago after being fed up with working with dumb users and a desire to open more career opportunities. After studying at DePaul for a year, I heard about a study abroad program that would add a International Business degree to my resume and let me jet around Europe for a year. The original purpose of this blog was to document that trip. The study abroad took place in Lyon France at ECE and Linköping Sweden at Linköping University. It had an amazing schedule with trips to other major cities of Europe. I had a fantastic time and learned an immense amount about myself and the world around me. I am currently a graduate of DePaul’s Computer, Telecom and Information Systems school. I’m working back in the Northern Virgina area for an amazing company doing various facets of penetration testing.

I love to cook, hang out with friends, play all sorts of games from video to sports and music, concerts, exploring, reading, racquetball, working out, and playing with new operating systems etc. just to name a few of my interests.