I’m sorry I missed the Saturday post day. I was mildly intoxicated last night and was shot in the eye with a Nerf Gun dart. I don’t have much to post today other then the facebook group is growing and I think that it will be the best place for us to communicate with the other students. One of the students did remind me of a question that I had been forgetting to ask. It was about the flight over to Europe. The grant covers the expense for us, but we aren’t sure who makes it. For example is it the school that gives us a ticket and says be at O’Hare on this date, or do we make the reservation and then the school reimburses us? I have a email into our Professor about it. It’s really important for me because if I have to fly back to Chicago, I need to make those arrangements to get there from D.C.

I still have a sizable amount of homework to work on, especially before we goto the Fire game. So, Goodbye for now.