Well most people want the bad news first, so … one of my good friends that is going with us is dropping out. He got accepted to his first choice college as a transfer. This is a big deal for him because now he can foucs himself on what really makes him tick, rather then work on making himself more marketable. I think this is a good move for him because he is already an easy guy to sell. If he doesn’t make it in film, he’ll make it in sales and marketing.

The good news is that I’m going to be on a plane in the morning heading to Naples Florida. I’ll get some fun in the sun, on the boat, get some fishing in, get some dive time in on the sheet and maybe some spearfishing. My dad forgot the camera, but I’ll try and take some with my phone if we catch anything cool.

The other good news is that I got most of the paper work done for my visa. I need to get some information back, but I’m close to getting it done.

Well I gotta run, I gotta pack for this, and get everything else set for DefCon.