So we’ve all heard about the pastebin Hotmail password leak … This might come as a surprise to some, but people have been using pastebin for all sorts of craziness. My friends over at have been documenting some of the more wilder posts. Everything from base64 encoded jpegs of owl’s to botnet command and control. I’ve been toying with a python script that crawls pastebin’s Recent Posts and pops out various posts of interests. Right now it’s pretty basic, but I need it to send the data in various mediums. Using gmail was pretty stupid on my part. Google temporarily banned my account for sending myself more then 700 messages in the 24 hr. limit. But in anycase after it gets a little bit more mature I’ll release it.

I’m also scheduled to go on the PaulDotCom Podcast on the 29th of this month. I’m sure pastebin will come up.

anyways, keep hacking