Well, wow, I think this is the first real hour I’ve had to myself since I got back from Chicago. After the whole car situation and getting settled into work, I can start concentrating on this paper work.
All web sites should have proper usablity testing done. http://www.usa.campusfrance.org/ is a perfect example. This site although required is increabily hard to use. Half of it is in French the other half is in English and doesn’t make any sense. This alone makes it difficult to use, but include how there are rarely any standard underlined links but rather tiny little buttons that colors make them camoflauged into the background makes this site incredibly frustrating. So far my impression of the French Goverment is that they need to fire all of thier web developers and start from scratch. In protest of thier horriable web desgin I am not going to fix any of my gramatical errors in this post.

Ok I really need to figure this out asap and get that visa squared away.

Only 11 more days until DefCon, and 40 days until D-Day.