Ok, so I’m really sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my posting. My excuse is long winded but I think acceptable. First off, I bought this car, it’s up in Maine, so the first thing I do is fly up there and get it. All is great, the car is pretty sweet, it rides nice … so great, yea I’m thinking it will be an awesome 11hr drive home. Ok well all is well until about 45 miles from my house. Long story short the car threw a rod. It went straight out the oil pan, big 50cent sized hole. ( AND NO !!! I WAS NOT HOT RODDING IT AROUND ) I was bent on gettin home and I was cruzing along around 70mph and pop! My cruise control cuts off, the engine dies, and I coast to the side. Skipping ahead to today, I’ve been living under that car getting it ready for a new engine. The stock engine is the Honda D16Z6 in just about every civic EX and SI from here to LA. Thats a good thing, bad news is it’s one of thoes engines every kid with a small budget and some dreams wants to supe up and pop a turbo on and make 300hp. So again …, long story short, I’m going to a salvage yard tomorrow and see if I can pick up a another engine, either a D16 or I’ll order some mounts and hook up a DOHC B16 or B18C.

So until atleast Monday … I should be MIA!

Talk to you later,

(p.s minus the little defects and the blown motor, the car isn’t too bad. I’m an idiot for buying a car I didn’t see in person and not using the 20+ years experience my dad has in the car biz.)