This page was inspired by Benji. We were talking once and got off onto a tangent about food we missed back home. It quickly went from the Italian Village in Chicago to Fast Foo’s and all the way down to Taco Bell. Then Benji suggested I start recording this and getting everyone’s take on it and what better way to do that then put it on the blog.

So check out the list, if you don’t see something here, post it and I’ll add it :-)

  1. Umberto’s Pizzeria and Cafe
  2. Chipolte
  3. Gene & Georgetti Italian Steak House
  4. Rosebud’s Carmine’s
  5. Roma’s Pizzeria and Cafe
  6. Backstage Bistro
  7. The Italian Village
  8. Taco Bell
  9. The Homestead
  10. Chicago Carry Out
  11. Grub Hub ( yea everything on it )
  12. Fogo De Chow
  13. Brazi’s
  14. That Webber Grill restaurant on Grand
  15. The ESPN Zone
  16. Dave and Busters
  17. Dick’s Last Resort
  18. Ed Debevics
  19. Pot Belly’s
  20. Panda Express
  21. Fast Foo’s
  22. The Wine Bar
  23. Wendy’s
  24. Arby’s
  25. Jimmy John’s
  26. Penny’s Noodle Shop
  27. Rain Forest Cafe
  28. Al’s Italian Beef
  29. Moby Dick’s
  30. Chic-fil-a
  31. In and Out burger
  32. Snow White Grill
  33. Brewbakers
  34. Brew Pub
  35. Denny’s
  36. Waffle House
  37. IHOP
  38. Anthony’s Pizza
  39. Buffalo Wild Wings
  40. Cali Pizza Xpress
  41. The Melting Pot

I know there is more, but it’s late. So POST!!!