You know how you have one of those “thoughts or feelings” that your really not sure if it’s real or if your in some kind of light sleep or dream? Well being in France right now for me is like that. Your not really sure if the way things are the way you pegged them or if they are just those rose colored glasses that just fell off. I’m not saying that the bad got worse, I am saying that in either case it’s still a royal pain.

Ok enough with philosophical stuff. There was a meeting a few days ago to discuss some of these problems with the administration. I missed it. The morning of the meeting the landlady of our building decided that it was vital to have 3 random guys go in my flat and measure the width of my stairway. AT 8AM … So she does her quick buzz, and the fast 3 knock then lets herself and her posse into my flat. I come down thinking it’s Jack or Matt laying down my buzzer so I’m cursing and swearing coming down the stairs in my silk camo boxers. After the door opens and some strange looks I yelp out “une momento” and flash back upstairs to put some pants on. They do their super important measuring and leave. I try and ask if they are finished by saying a confused “finit”? They reply with Oui, oui and they let themselves out. TWO HOURS LATER after I’ve fallen back asleep the landlady does the same thing. Except this time lets in 4 different guys and they knock out my window … and install a new one! There wasn’t anything wrong with the old one, I didn’t break it, I am not paying for a new window that I didn’t break! The funny part is I didn’t really wake up until they were in my room pounding away at the window. I’m not a small guy, I don’t blend in, those camo boxers weren’t THAT good. So after about a half hour of that and me being freaked out in my bed, they let themselves out. I set my alarm to wake me up in time for the 1:30pm meeting, needless to say I wasn’t up until 5pm. I had a hard time sleeping with the thought of my privacy being violated and being like someone in “sleep assault”. Yea, google that one I dare you.

There was some good news from the meeting. I heard that we have a solid exam schedule which is good. Although I’m really not motivated to do anything with that school. I have a desire to learn and to grow. This school dropped a nuke on that desire. Don’t get me wrong I learned a lot over the last few months, but man … it was not from class. The only thing I want to do is get out of this school, taste more of the amazing Bordeaux wines (I’ve had over 30 so far) and relax in my room watching Wine Library TV’s Gary Vaynerchuk bash the fruit bombs and hype my beloved 05′ Bordeaux’s. On the plus note, I’ve discovered that Wine is no longer a interesting drink, or even a small hobby. It’s a passion. I’ll get back to that later but I scoot.

On a weird side note … we were out at a club last night and I was hit on by french guy. And no I don’t mean hit like a punch, but more like “Hey can I have your number”. Also … Tina before you ask … NO I was not at a gay club. It was really weird and it took me awhile to figure out what was going on. He was super suave and was asking questions if I was English or American etc. and then when he asked for my number because he wanted to take me to this pizza place it hit me. If I can stand in club and not get even the slightest look from any girl in the entire joint but have some random guy come up and ask me out … something is WRONG. So I’m going to leave you guys on that note. I need to get some sleep, and figure out how to reverse my vibes so I can attract the opposite sex.