Well, not much is going on. That seems to be the problem. It’s nice to have a routine, but it has to be a fun one. I’m really starting to understand why the Swedes drink so much. First off, the classes here revolve around case studies, associated research writing papers on this research and then presenting on the paper you wrote. Now this doesn’t sound to bad, but it’s a case a week. And it’s the same f*&kin’ thing every week. So on the weekend, once you have explored the city, you can play video games or go out partying. There are 4 types of parties, corridor parties which are like dorm parties. There is H.G. boring sausage fest, Plato and Flammon which is dangerous biking while drunk. The music is a little weird, it’s not your typical club music, they often through in some weird folk stuff. Oh and Swedes can’t dance, but that’s entertainment and makes me feel better about dancing. The only thing keeping me sane is traveling and soccer (fotbol).

While I have been thinking about making preperations to go home, I had a couple of thoughts about re-entry culture shock. I feel that when I get back, either everything is going to be different or everything is going to be the same. We’ll see how that works out.

I’ve also been working alot on my server. I’ve had time to generate some ideas and ways to implement them. So in the future I’ll be migrating hosts to one that is much more secure … I hope. I’m also running out of storage, I’m going to need to install another 500gb array to help with my growing collection. I’m also super impressed with my Xbox360. I can’t wait to build a media center computer / server. I’d love to find a linux based solution to cast stuff to my Xbox.

As for now I gotta run, Oh and don’t get me wrong I love Sweden and the Swedes, I just need to go back to Stockholm for a few days.