So Estonia was neat. Tallin is a small, old, ex-soviet city. The country itself is ranked as one of the most technological. It’s also said that Estonia has the prettiest women in the world. Although there were some nice looking women there, I think it’s offset by its small population. In any case it was worth going to and exploring another city, country and culture. It makes me look forward to visiting Russia. I have to admit most of the fun was the way of travel to Estonia. There is a cruise line that takes you from Stockholm to Tallin. At first I thought it was a ferry, ya know you drive your car up there, roll it on the boat and relax. You can take your car, but it was like a mini Carnival cruise. It had almost everything you could get on a cruise, buffet, spa, bars, restaurant, and even a nightly stage show. Every night was a heavy party night even though there was hardly anyone on the boat. It was still fun though. It was almost like it was an “Atlantis” cruise. Complete with the drunken karaoke and our weird circle dance floor formations. I’m not sure if we talked about this before, but whenever we go out as a group we tend to take over the dance floor and dance in a circle like some kind of weird satanic / pagen cult. Anyways it was a lot of fun and I feel bad for the few that couldn’t come on the trip with us. I also got a haircut, it’s a little extreme and I’m going to blame it on the alcohol even though I cut it before we left.

The more time I spend in Stockholm the more I miss Chicago. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sweden and Linkoping, but it’s not a big city. Even D.C, my hometown is awesome, but it just doesn’t have the same vibe. D.C is old and historic, it has a certain character that nothing else can replicate, but Chicago is this massive urban area with a new lively young professional vibe. There is nothing like walking downtown between these massive buildings then all of a sudden you walk out of this massive canyon of buildings into a new awesome futuristic park complete with a lake. And most importantly, everything you could want is just a few blocks away. Stockholm is a lot like Chicago and I could easily see myself living here. I guess what I’m feeling is homesickness, finally after 7 or 8 months. It’s a weird feeling though. I think maybe a proper term for it is city sickness. I’m pretty sure I will be traveling more in the coming weeks as I start to distract myself from departure preparations for the summer.