So things are wrapping up here. Finals are over. Oh man did I bomb that Finance final. I think that was the first open book, open note, open everything exam I failed. And I’m not saying barely failed, I mean like totally and utterly failed. It was rough. I was expecting a exam like all the others we’ve had so far, one that covers the entire course. This exam covered only the last 2 months of class and even a few things I’ve never heard of before. Anyways I paid my rent and thats all done and out of the way, paid the school so I’m good there … I’m pretty much ready to go. Although it’s like -1C I’ve been spending a lot of time on my balcony enjoying the last views of Lyon I’ll have. It’s funny, I love the town, the food, and especially the wine. But man I’m glad to be done with that school. I’ll have a few days to relax in Sweden with my future roommate and his crew. I also bought my self a little gift for finishing the semester alive! Can you say XBOX 360 Elite? Anyways I’ve gotta run, going to cook for some of the other people and relax.