So this weekend is pretty slow again. I decided to stay and study rather then goto Paris. I’m sure I’ll make it to Paris soon, but I wasn’t feeling well last week and I missed a few classes. I think it was a smart decision with Finals coming up next week.

I have also been playing a few games. Anyone that knows anything about gaming knows about Half-Life. Built by Valve through Sierra Entertainment, based on a Quake 2 engine with steroids this game won countless awards and is still actively played today through the new HL2 engine and mods such as Counter-Strike. But anyways TimeShift is a new game by Saber through Sierra. It features a “bullet time” like gameplay similar to Max Payne. Don’t get me wrong bullet time is loads of fun, there is nothing like freezing time and showing your enemy the inside of your barrel. However the story is ironically close to Half Life. Both games your a scientist or physicists, you have a special suit, and an experiment goes wrong causing you to fight your way back to normality. Now I’m going to play the entire game looking for Barney and the G-man … You’d think they could come up with a bit more original story line.